Our new banner for 2010. A very nice note from visitors to the show. Ever wonder why there are no lights on the shelves when you get to the store?Peanut is helping with the lights!Partial view of the house for 2010.Another view of the house for 2010. Partial view of the yard for 2010. Toyland 20102010 Rock Band
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!Light-O-Rama Makes It All Happen!Ok...A LOT of them.Uhm...can you say...tangled?A few mini-trees.Now that's not enough lights!Getting the stars ready.Roof Light Lines.Ladders are SO overrated!I HATE it when that happens!Santa's Reindeer Sleigh Team.Christmas Kitty - Meow. Front of the house.Those trees are over 50' tall.2007 Mega Tree - 16,000 lights. Red house flood lights w/ mega tree.
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Bo is tuckered out from all this decorating!Small TreesLights Rat NestGroup photo...Say Cheese!Merry Christmas with Blue Mega TreeSmall overview of houseWhite (looks yellow) Mega Tree and Ground ElementsRed Mega Tree and Ground ElementsBlue Mega Tree and Ground ElementsGreen Mega Tree and Ground ElementsGreen Mega Tree - Another ViewRed Mega Tree - Another ViewBlue Mega Tree - Another ViewWhite (looks yellow) Mega Tree - Another ViewBlue Mega Tree OverviewGreen Mega Tree Overview42 Rolls of Electrical Tape were used in 2008.
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Merry Christmas!Partial view of houseMega Trees and Nativity.Partial view of yardSanta Choir!ToylandToylandNativityFor the first time in 3 years we had to cancel a show because of weather. Even Bo looks upset about it!Display in the snow
Brown Family Lights
All Christmas - All Year

2010 Photo Gallery
2007 Driveway Navigation Complications
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