Lost & Found
Every once in a while, a mysterious item winds up in our driveway. It may be a glove, a key, a wallet, a hat, or other item...but rest assured...it isn't ours. If you have lost an item recently, please contact us - we just may have what you are looking for. Below are pictures of what has been found. Thank you and we look forward to returning your things!
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email me
Is someone's head COLD? Grey knit cap w/skulls & shapes printed on it. Now THAT'S FUNNY! - A PNC Arts Center Holiday Light flyer. Flick my Bic - Blue Bic Lighter - That's OK, smoking is bad for your health anyway. FORE!!!! - Blue Golf PencilVery small children's drawing pad. Someone must be missing this treasure!
Brown Family Lights
All Christmas - All Year

Found - 2010 Show
Another pair of gloves...they are black and  they say "one size"...there is no way these are fitting on my paws. This adorable bear hat was left behind but was quickly reunited with its owner the same night. A 2 Liter bottle of Coca Cola. While we appreciate the thoughful gift, next time don't drink half of it...and we like Diet Coke. Thanks. American Eagle tag - see Christmas lights and try on new clothes!No Dad...your son did not steal your cigar.Pink Royal Princess gloves. A Princess is missing these.
Found - 2008 Show
Found - 2009 Show
A spiced pumpkin "Car-Freshner". Still pumpkiny...and spicy too!Brown Family Lights Warning: Littering on our property may be hazardous to your health. Oh Yeah - so is smoking. A very small blue children's knit glove. Contact us to get the pair back together!CRAZY and FUN towel - Hope to find the owner of this one of a kind item!RETURNED! See - this lost and found thing DOES work!
Another lone glove. :-(An XM Satellite Radio remote - Someone has to be looking for this.
Found - 2011 Show
Sour Cream & Onion happens to be my favorite flavor, but we still don't appreciate the empty bag. We like to empty them ourselves.We would prefer that you not drink in our driveway.  We would really prefer that you not leave your empty bottles behind.  Please don't drink and drive!A lovely set of fake teeth and their container.  Someone spent some time making this bracelet.
Found - 2012 Show
This is a perfectly nice, warm hat.  Someone out there has a cold head!It appears that someone was doing some math during the show, and left their work behind.Please don't smoke. It is bad for you.  Please don't smoke in our driveway and leave your empty pack behind.  It is just rude.Someone should be missing this cute little toy!Please don't drink and drive!  Please don't leave your empties in our driveway.  So rude...Please don't drink and drive!  Please don't leave your empties in our driveway.  So rude...This was a nice thought, but the can was empty when we found it.  Also, we prefer Diet Coke.